Faculty Observational Tools


As you know, students are required to have both a focused faculty-observed history and physical in the inpatient and outpatient settings of their clerkship.  The H&P need not, and should not, be a full H&P - it should be focused for example an atopy history & focused HEENT & respiratory & cardiac exam on an asthmatic patient.  


Please note, they also need not be on the same patient - you can observe a focused history on one patient (i.e., developmental/social history) and a focused exam on another.


Students are expected to approach you to find a time and patient suitable to interview and examine (note the history and physical need not be on the same patient).  


This is required for all students in order for them to complete their Clerkship Requirements, and they are instructed to log completion of their observed experiences online.


We ask that in return that you provide them with specific feedback on how they can improve.  


You can do this verbally with your students, but we have developed a tool adapted from Hamburger et al published in Academic Pediatrics in 2011 and is modeled around the ACGME Competencies should you want to formalize the feedback you provide.


Click Below to Access the Form:



Another helpful resource is this HERE, a rubric that can be used to give structured feedback on student notes.  It was developed by Marta King, from her group's paper on "Developing Validity Evidence for the Written Pediatric History and Physical Exam Evaluation Rubric".   A guide for using the rubric can also be found HERE