Sub-Internship / Elective Resources

Welcome to your Sub-Internship / Elective !!


We've compiled some resources for you as you embark on your Sub-I, things that you might find useful as you go along.  These are not required reading of you, they're simply a collection of things that might be a helpful learning resource for you.

Feel free to review them, and if you come across an educational resource that you think would be helpful to add on here, please let us know!  We want to make this as valuable for students as possible, so please share anything you come across like apps, websites, handouts, manuals, videos, etc!

Thanks for contibuting to the learning of your peers and best of luck on your Sub-I!

Lolita Alkureishi & Nikki Orlov



Other potentially helpful resources:


  • UChicago Peds ER Pathways - Regardless of your Sub-I, this is a fantastic resource that includes helpful things like clinical guidelines for commonly seen issues, procedural instructions, student guidelines & expectations, and more!